Redirecting Children's Behavior Encinitas

Welcome to Redirecting Children's Behavior

Redirecting Children’s Behavior is an incredible parenting course for everyone. Whether you are a new parent or have children getting ready for college, RCB has valuable strategies that will fit into your family’s routine.

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We are all a work in progress and RCB will give you tools to build the foundation for a well balanced and cohesive family. Parents and care givers will learn to embrace their child’s unique qualities and to respond instead of react to your child’s behavior.

Adults are only part of the parenting equation, and our kids can't be left out of the learning process too. There are several opportunities for children to learn similar tools in a peer setting. We offer parent participation classes for ages 3-5 and drop off classes for ages 6-10 throughout the school year. The classes are designed with the foundation that learning is fun and simple and parents are guided along with their children's learning.

One of our most popular children's classes is our annual Summer Camp. We have been offering a one week, five day kid's camp since 2011 and have received rave reviews! Kids ages 4-10 are able to learn different RCB skills each year while making crafts, having fun, and creating new friendships.

Please check the registration page for details on specific kid's course curriculum.

Individualized workshops can be arranged for schools, playgroups, or any interested groups or organizations. One-on-One family consultation is available as well throughout San Diego County or over the phone.

RCB is based on the teachings of Rudolph Driekurs, MD and the course was developed by Kathryn Kvols. The course is being offered worldwide and has brought much success and happiness to countless families.